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Flight Experience: Amsterdam – Paris KL 1233 20 December 2012


Flight details:
Carrier: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Flight No: KL 1233
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-800NG
Route: AMS – CDG
Load Factor: 100% Full
STD: 1230 hrs (UTC +1)
ATD: 1235 hrs (UTC +1)
STA: 1345 hrs (UTC +1)
ATA: 1335 hrs (UTC +1)

Goede Morgen! Wilkommen bij Amsterdam.

After finishing a 16 hour flight journey from Jakarta using Garuda Indonesia, finally we arrived at Schipol Airport ontime at 0720 am. I was really excited to hit Schipol Plaza before our next flight to Paris at 1230 pm on the same day.

Schipol Airport is one of the largest airport in Europe, dubbed as the main hub in European continent. With its landmark tower, we can see where Schipol located from the distance. It was a cold morning, 3 degrees celcius, and I started to feel the cold after disembarking the aircraft. Prior to that we said good bye to the active crew that brought us from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam.

Our aircraft parked at gate G8, well it’s not quiet far from the immigration compared to the gate D since we have to complete immigration check first and taking our luggage at the baggage claim. I was bleary eyed still, and very exhausted due to lack of sleep the other night, yet, I had to face with the first issue of the morning was a argumentation between my father and one immigration officer at the passport control. Thank god it cleared through and we’re admitted to pass the line.



The day was still long. Of course it was 0720 am and the sun hasn’t risen yet. Somehow the last argumentation with passport control officer was total madness, anyway, I had forgotten it quick, because we had more things to do such as listing our ticket at KLM check in counter for our next flight to Paris using KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL 1233) at 1230 hrs. It looks like 5 hours more to go, but the quicker the better, knowing that we flew as standby passengers.




The situation of Schipol Airport that time was totally crowded. Apparently, there are so many check in counters available but still could not avoid the long queue up at the counters. Looks like everyone began to fly out for the holidays.

After checking-in our luggage and getting our boarding pass the officer told us to wait at the gate as we would receive final confirmation at the gate at 1200 hrs. Since it was still long time to kill, we decided to wander around the Schipol plaza and hang out for a bit.




Schipol Airport has a shopping plaza which actually made every transit passenger feel convenient to find their needs for upcoming travel, not to mention the handy souvenirs shops and restaurants that were available almost at every corner. Some shops that I visited were KLM fly shop where the notable engine wheels and the front section of Fokker 28 mock-up installed, Fresh Village Supermarket, H&M, and some other fashion stores.



The shopping time made time flew fast. At 1100 hrs we directly headed to enter the Gate areas C7 and we had to report to the ground staff near the boarding gate. They told us that we would get confirmation at 1200 hrs, okay then, it’s better to keep nothing to lose. During the wait I had a chance to chat a bit with the flight purser, the crew members were waiting until the plane was ready to board. The flight purser told me that the flight was a full flight and let see if we could get transported to Paris 🙂 I said “Don’t worry, we’re used to this.”





Finally at 1200 hrs, when the boarding call began, we received our boarding pass. The three of us could get transported. We thankful for that. When we boarded the plane, we were greeted by the flight purser, and a senior flight attendant. They were all friendly. I think Dutch people are naturally chatty and friendly. During boarding process, I’ve notice the huge difference between air passengers behavior in Indonesia and the Netherlands. In Indonesia, air passengers tend to bring many cabin luggage and they are not concerned towards other people in placing their hand luggage. Meanwhile, in Holland, looks like everyone is more concerned about others space for luggage hence the last passengers to board the plane shan’t be worried of running out of space for their hand luggage.





Once everyone boarded the plane, the door closed and the plane pushed back on-time. Since we’re flying Boeing 737-800 without IFE therefore the safety demonstration should be conducted manually. This is what I like about KLM, the pilots and flight attendants do their job very professionally, their appearance somehow makes me feel safe enough to fly with them. The flight attendants are also polite, we know that it’s their job to ensure passenger safety, and they might give order to passengers to keep their luggage down, or keep the window opened or re-adjust their backrest into upright position. All flight attendants in our flight were very polite in requesting their passengers to follow the rules. It’s a plus point for KLM.





The plane taxied out short to the active runway (which I can’t remember), and we took off shortly we lined up on the runway. The wind looked a bit extreme during our take-off, I could feel as the plane rolled on the runway it looked like the yaw was fighting against the crosswind. The pilot maintained the plane in a straight direction and lifted up we were to the sky! As what captain informed earlier that the plane will arrive in earlier than the schedule, and the plane would be cruising on 24,000 feet above the sea level.


The weather was cloudy, all I could see from the window was white clouds, that’s why I decided to have a short nap during the flight, oh the flight was a bit bumpy too, but we could handle it. The meal service began shortly after the seatbelt sign was switched off. Knowing that it was a short flight the flight attendant immediately started with the savory treats distribution and drinks selection. Well, the meals given in the economy is quiet simple for a 50 minutes flight, but the snack was pretty tasty, and the flight attendants were very friendly.

20 minutes before landing, the captain had instructed the cabin crew to prepare for descent which meant the flight attendant had to ensure there was no waste left behind or any glass with them. Thick clouds faced us during the descent and we had a little tail wind as well that contributed to the aircraft’s velocity faster.



Paris was raining that time, and foggy. I could barely see anything until we’re on final approach and in the minimum altitude. At 1335 hrs we touched down smoothly at Charles de Gaulle. Oh my god, I think the landing was really smooth! It was actually one of my smoothest landing experience with Boeing 737-800 in a weather condition. Good job, Capt!. My dad also adored the smoothness of the landing – as we sat near the main wheel hence we could feel if the landing was a smooth one or not.



After landed, the plane was taxiing out to the gate. The rain seemed to become a bit concern for a tourist who wish for a direct sightseeing in Paris at that time, but hopefully we could manage that. It was a huge airport complex to be honest. We had to get across of the next runway and then passing by two Air France terminals then we reached our gate.

“Cabin crew disarm slide bars thank you” the captain informed the cabin attendant before completely stop at the gate, and after, “Cabin crew, when ready the door maybe opened”. As someone who grows up among people who work as Aircrews, I sometimes had a natural response by murmuring the response “Slide bars disarmed and ready to open Capt” hahaha.




Overall, it was my first trip with KLM and I had a totally memorable flight. The safety was perfect, the hospitality, and the convenience. As a person who grown up in a Aviation industry for three generation, my Grandpa used to tell me that KLM pilots were ones of the best pilots in the world. It looks like nothing beats the Flying Dutchman 😉

In the evening I also took a flight with Roule De Paris to take a great night view of Paris city…



Thank you for reading, Terima Kasih!


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