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Flight Experience: Jakarta – Denpasar GA 438

Hi all! I think it’s been a while since my last post, and by this opportunity I am so pleased to share you on my last air trip to Bali from 11 August to 14 August 2012.

It’s my another trip after June 2010 where I last visited the island to visit my brother who used to study in Buleleng, and I felt that this trip was special as I went with my own friends, so, no parent guidance! (HA!) and it had been too long since the last time I flew with plane.

Our trip was scheduled on 11 August 2012 at 0930 hrs along with my 2 traveling mates and one of them also bringing her mom and grandparents as well. We arrived at 0700 hrs at Terminal 2F and it looked like that people had started to fly out town to prepare for Idul Fitri holidays. The long queue line annoyed us a little bit, moreover, my traveling mood suddenly gone when I was about to check in myself at the counter, saying that I had to report at the waiting list counter. My friend was confused why I was directed to the counter – despite my concession ticket was confirmed. The officer told me that I could get on my actual flight, however, he asked for my understanding that the flight was overbooked and he offered me a seat on the early flight which had begun boarding that time.

“Are you okay if we get you on a flight to Bali immediately? Don’t worry we’ll put you on C class” he said.
I just nodded and he printed my boarding pass immediately. “Your flight will depart at 0745, and the boarding had begun. Would you run to gate F4 , they’ll drive you to the parking stand,” he said.

I was a bit overwhelmed about they finally found a solution to depart me earlier, though on the other hand I was a bit worried if I could make it on-time to the plane or not. Thank god that my friend and her family later arrived at the airport and I greeted them instantly “Great you come already! It’s nice to see you all, I am sorry I won’t be on the same flight with you, they asked me to fly on this hour’s flight,” I sounded like I made a single conversation and they were looking confused.

My friend looked a bit impressed with my dress behavior. “You wear suede loafers , Long shirt and khakis to Bali?” I only nodded and i think it did not need any explanation. I always dress up before flying. 😀

Airplane is always becoming a good object to be captured by anyone

I ran so quickly to gate F4. I was not complaining about this situation FYI, as this happened for so many times but what troubled me was that this sudden notification knowing that my ticket used to be confirmed. Oh well I shan’t sweat this stuff. Anyway, once I arrived at the Gate, they were waiting for me, and they put me on a bus, I was with 5 other standby passengers. I thought the plane was the one parked at gate F4 but they said, the plane was on the remote stand.

Boarding ran smooth. (Oh well, we were like the last 5 passengers!) the 4 other passengers were Japanese who were supposed to continue their flights to Haneda via Denpasar. I could see how relieved they were once we reached the plane. “Selamat pagi,” as usual the purser greeted me in a smile. “Hi, morning purser!” I said cheering up, and also smiling to the second flight attendant who assisted me with my seat, Oops, looks like the only 1 aisle seat left was dedicated for me. “Silakhan, Mas,” she smiled. “Thank you very much,” I replied. After saying Thank you very much, the young lady began to chat with me in English. I got another confusion, why she had to.  I was going to put my luggage on the overhead bin, but I knew that the flight attendants were busy preparing welcoming drinks, so I was looking for extra space alone, I opened the overhead bin, checked and closed, checked again and closed. No space for my cabin sized luggage. Damn. It’s not like that they would put my luggage down and last minute check-in baggage right?

The young lady returned and asking “How can I help you?”, I said “Oh I was looking some spaces for this luggage,” she sighed, it seemed like she’s giving me the oh-why-must-you-carry-luggage-on-board look. I read her face and saying “I know, I am sorry about this, can you help me?” She was smiling, Okay, don’t worry, she pulled the bin leveler above row No.3, and she took out some bundles of in-flight newspapers and blanket. She tried to put my luggage in, but didn’t fit in as there were another luggage. She grabbed the paper back in the bin, and she tried the bin above my seat. “No i tried,” she looked more confused, then she tried to take out some newspapers out again and, after some efforts, my luggage could be stored. The next few minutes, the door closed.

I looked tired, and yet I was totally wrong to wear my sweater on that sunny day, and jeans, and a pair of loafers. I hate to board the plane in a rushing mood. But thank god the flight attendants were very helpful and calming my mood. I was sitting next to an American man who just made his first visit to Indonesia. I noticed he’s on a business trip, and he was flying to Bali for his connecting flight to Perth later that day. When you fly with Garuda to Bali, don’t assume that they’re all coming to Bali, but some tourists could be on their connecting flight to Australia, Korea or Japan.

We chatted, my hobby when traveling alone is meeting new people, especially when I fly on a business class. Sometimes the benefit you’ll get is not just a more pleasant service and experience, but you’ll get to widen your network with your seating mates. But this time it wasn’t like my last flight from Timika to Denpasar  when I accidentally drop my seating mate’s apple juice glass, but we lasted introduced ourselves each other. On this flight, I helped the man fixing his table during meal service. This man whom I finally knew working for a big oil company, found difficulties to fix his table that made him a bit comfortable. The flight stewardess was also trying to help, but her hand couldn’t reach the table as the man was sitting in the window seat. I assisted the man when I noticed he needed a help, apparently the tray was lack of one screw on the tip, and I told him not to pull the tray and held the tip by the armrest.  The flight stewardess later was looking at me, she smiled and wonder how I knew it.

My seating mate was busy capturing photos of Mountains on our flight route with his iPad, I started the conversation by telling him the Mountain names of what, and he sounded excited. When our meal came, we picked the same choice, it was Nasi uduk with Rendang and anchovies. They gave us two options, fried rice or uduk rice with rendang and anchovies. The taste was delicious. I always prefer Indonesian foods to any Western foods, even I can give up steak for Nasi Liwet or Gado – Gado.

The plane landed safely and smooth after an one hour – forty minutes flight. My first impression of Bali airport now is wow! the Airport is currently under massive expansion. I just wonder where the domestic travel had gone, the plane that I came on then was scheduled to fly to Kupang via Denpasar. I was stopped at the domestic terminal, and I was amazed with how small the arrival hall due to the development, hopefully the new airport will soon complete. The domestic terminal was relatively small but not too crowded that time, and I was waiting for my friend at the baggage claim, hoping that to meet them there, apparently I remembered that the other domestic terminal near the international terminal. I walked out immediately and shocked with the crowd that I never expected before.

Two of my friends who just arrived in Bali one hour later.. Mba Mela and Sitha

With Sitha, and Joshua at Warung Made

Some of my two friends arrived finally at the regular domestic terminal and we headed to Kuta, Seminyak, and we stopped by at our private villas before heading to my favorite beach in Bali – Nusa Dua! 😀

I have no conclusion for my flight experience, but all I can say that Garuda Indonesia service is always remarkable each flight. I always get some new experiences which is different from any other flights!! 🙂

Next trip:

Jakarta – Dubai – Amsterdam – Paris – Rome ( December 2012)

Jakarta – Shanghai – Beijing – Jakarta ( March 2013)

Jakarta – Seoul – Jakarta (June 2013)


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