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And the best regional award goes to…

SkyTrax Awards this year has accolade Qatar Airways as the best airline in the world, followed by Asiana and Singapore Airlines at the second and third place. Qatar Airways has succeed to remain its position as the best airline in the world since last year following this accolades.  In addition to this, there are a few changes on the top 10 airlines list this year.  All Nippon Airways who previously stood at the rank 11 has increased its position to rank 5, while Virgin Australia who previously remained at rank 32 has jumped to rank 12.

To see the full list please check: http://www.worldairlineawards.com/

In addition to those airlines mentioned above, we shall be proud to hear that our national carrier, Garuda Indonesia breaking another achievement by topping its position to rank 11 from rank 19 in the previous year. Moreover, the airline which recently named as the Best Airline in Asia Pacific (based on Roy Morgan Survey) was also named as the Best Regional Airline in the World from Sky Trax.

‘Slowly but sure’ that is the most suitable verse for Garuda, and I have recalled it for so many times. The Garuda Indonesia Experience breakthrough has apparently become an outstanding program which level its forefront service standard in Indonesia. Garuda may yet become the best player in International routes but their sustainable quality has led the airline to entice more international passengers to use their services. Passengers who used to rely on other airlines to fly now has started to look into it.

During the past year, Garuda has aggresively increased its flight frequency to many prominent cities in the Asia Pacific. When you fly to Asia Pacific major cities namely Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, how could it not be pleasant to our eyes seeing more than one  aircraft parking at the apron waiting for its daily departure to Jakarta and Denpasar. Not just their international routes, but vast occurrences also happening to its domestic expansion by the purchase of Bombardier aircraft. In short, Garuda has grown bigger and flocked its wings to fly higher beyond the clouds.

Besides we must admit that Indonesian Government has played their profound roles in increasing the promotion of Indonesia to the world which significant effect in gaining Garuda Indonesia passengers.

Last but not least, I hope it is not exaggerating to say this: “Go and fly higher Garuda! you are our nation’s biggest hopes!”


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