Identical Twins get to work on the same flight?

As today I am going to share you a story that I found interesting to see. I have noticed about Delta Airlines, one of the largest airline in the United States that is affiliated in SkyTeam. I must say that Delta is one of the airlines in the world that might have the best employee relations practice. Well, it is neither be an assumption nor a subjective judgment, but in my honest opinion, especially highlighting at the main concept of Delta’s TVCs and features like what I am going to share today is what they call, “an ultimate pride”.

I capture one of Delta Airlines’ TVC which features the uniqueness of its employee relations. Apparently Delta Airlines have lots of videos, features, and everything that promotes about the working environment in the company. A story that delights me most is when two identical people work on the same flight. After 35 years of service, Dan and Daniel were set to serve flights to Narita in March 2012. Dan and Daniel are identical twins who work as flight attendants at the same company but stationed at different base.

If you see that in airlines there are so many brothers, sisters, or family related work at the same field or industry, especially in aviation, two brothers work as pilots, two sisters work as flight attendants, or one work on board, one work on the ground. But I found it is a rare chance that identical twins work in the same profession, same place. Is this inspiring enough? the answer is.. YES.


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