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Singapore Airshow 2012!

I would say I am lucky this time since I finally got a chance to visit one of the largest Airshows in Asia, the 2012 Singapore Airshow. An aviation bi-yearly event was conducted at Changi Exhibition Center from 13 February – 19 February 2012.

I had definitely sacrificed myself to come onto this event. I flew on Friday evening after office hours, attempted to struggle with the bad traffic in Jakarta, not to mention searching for cabs which I first thought simply impossible. The flight was fully booked, and thank god I got a seat on the last flight although the flight was initially delayed and finally delayed for 40 minutes due to aircraft’s late arrival from Singapore due to heavy air traffic at Changi Airport for the airshow which had caused late departures for most outbound and inbound flights.

On Saturday morning, I awakened in a simply enthusiastic mood. I took off with an MRT from my friend’s house in Teluk Kurau area which only took like 15 minutes to get to Changi Airport. I alighted at Terminal 3, and met some friends from Indoflyer in which I had made appointment earlier then off we went to the Free Shuttle stop that drove us to Changi Exhibition Center. Changi Airport that day was packed. I bet many people were interested to visit the Airshow especially to spend their weekend with families.

I was actually surprised that lots of people were intended to come to the Airshow. I met some Indonesians friends who flew up to Singapore, wearing Indoflyer attributes, and the others who didn’t but I figured they were all from Indoflyer as well. The location of the Airshow is actually far from the Terminal Area.

I felt excited when I first touched the entrance area was an open air plaza which dedicated for the visitors who wished to watch the acrobatic show. You could sit, stand or even lay-down on your mat while watching the show. I rather toured the aircraft static display which displayed so many interesting aircraft starting from Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400, Bombardier CRJ 1000, Hawker Beechcraft, The F-16, Embraer Lineage 1000, and many more including the all military jets that were displayed by the Singapore Air Force.

In front of the most wanted to see aircraft. Bombardier CRJ-1000 NG. She’s pretty!

I think this one is the best shots. This guy I believe from the Embraer team which I wasn’t sure whether he is the pilot or just the corporate team.

I can’t remember his name. But this British Airways’ captain was not on official duty for this exhibition. He just came on his flight from Sydney, transiting in Singapore for one night before heading back to London. He was with his first officer, and flight purser visited still wearing the uniform. I asked for a picture with him, and I tell you what, there were many other visitors begging for pictures with them. I was like “Oh there you go, You are the celebrities at this event,” he laughed.

Posing with these two young Singaporean air force.

Unfortunately, not all planes can be visited on the public day. Most of them are closed to public hence we could only see them nearby. I should have regretted for not flying on Friday during the trade day where Boeing 787 Dreamliner is still allowed for visit, and the rest of static displays are opened for public. One of my intentions for coming to the airshow is actually visiting the Bombardier CRJ 1000. I have been very curious about this small light jet which Garuda bought recently.

Besides, the best thing to see at the air show is the roulette and F-16 jets attractions that were waited by many visitors, including myself. It’s a rare show to see how these jets were low passing above the Changi Exhibition Center in many aggressive and bold gestures with engines roaring loud that could bare our ears, but we still enjoyed it.

The rain started to fall during the acrobatic show. Some people decided to see the attractions while I decided to get in the auditorium to visit some of aviation related business booths that appeared to showcase some of their products. One of those booths that attracted my attention was Rolls Royce!

This is the model of Rolls Royce Trent 1000 which is installed on Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The model is in quarter scale, though it is clear enough for us to see the details of the engine.

And the second must visited booth is… BOEING!

As you may aware the miniatures photos below showing Boeing 737 MAX and Boeing 747-8 the latest generation of Boeing 747 which currently is being developed. This Boeing 747-8 still adapts a masculine look of Boeing 747-400 only longer and has a stretched upper deck cabin.

The rain had stopped, and we were called to start queuing for Boeing 747-400 visit. Hence, I was getting ready for it, and got really excited.

Singapore Airlines participated at the public day exhibition, displaying the 9V-SPQ Boeing 747-400 which were marking the nearly retirement days of this jumbo. A special tour were arranged for nearly 1,000 visitors for free, and distributed by a boarding pass that will be used for your 10 minutes tour inside the cabin. I found out that many people were enthusiastic to hop on this jumbo, they were willing to queue-up just for getting the boarding pass. For your information, the Boeing 747’s last commercial flight will be conducted on some date in March 2012, to Melbourne. This aircraft will be phased out from Singapore Airlines’ fleet family after serving the airline for nearly 4 decades and will be replaced by the newer modern jumbo aircraft, Airbus A380.

Queuing up before getting the boarding pass and board for a 10 minutes tour.

Check this cute Boarding Pass. It says “Thank you B747” We definitely have strong attachment with this super jumbo!

Finally on board! 🙂

During a special tour on Business Class Cabin

Meanwhile, the commemorative flights will be arranged on Singapore – Hong Kong – Singapore flight on 6 April 2012. To all of you who have a strong attachment with Boeing 747, especially on Singapore Airlines’ MegaTop you guys should join this flight! There will be many commemorations as you could feel the luxury travel on Boeing 747 for the last time. You would make your journey to Hong Kong in a very remarkable style. The tickets are now on sale as you may check its website http://www.singaporeair.com or http://www.SIAjourneys.com .

This trip is one of my remarkable trip. I planned for this trip, didn’t make any itinerary of where to go since the main purpose is for the airshow. I had a good time there, and I wish to go back on the 2014 where I believe Airbus A350 would make her performance then. I was exhausted, yes. But when I checked on the pictures I’d taken on my camera, I felt restlessly happy 🙂


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