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Trust this thread fine you all well.

Sorry for a long pause from the last post. as I finally I have something to write about. So what makes the latest post today…?

It’s them.

Well this post is not (again) too far from aviation industry. I was really excited about the last project for SIA Product Showcase 2012 which is the first Singapore Airlines’ product showcase in Indonesia had been run pretty well.

Through this exhibition, Singapore Airlines presents all of its premium products to Indonesia, bringing the seats directly from Singapore, such as Suite Class which is only installed on Airbus A380, First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class.

SIA First Class

SIA Business Class

A380 Suite Class

The event was opened directly by Executive Vice President Marketing Regional Singapore Airlines, Mr. Mak Swee Wah, and Dr. Sapta Nirwandar, Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, as well as His Excellency Ashok Mirpuri, Singapore Ambassador to Indonesia.

I felt honored to attend the opening today (Friday 27th January 2012) where the showcase wasn’t yet opened for public, just for the medias and Singapore Airlines PPS Club.

This event was trully amazing. It’s like I am dying to stay here for long, and I didn’t want to go home!
You can enjoy the spacious seat of each class, and it feels like we’re flying on a cabin despite we are actually inside the mall.

The hospitality I experienced from the Singapore Girl was trully amazing, and oh! I was also surprised to meet some of my colleague’s friends who is also working as a flight attendant for Singapore Airlines, and one senior Indonesian flight attendant whom I met at the Sao Paolo flights launching in March 2011. Hence, we kinda chatted for a bit long.

Overall, this exhibition is very unique. I must say that when I heard about the similar exhibition established years ago in Tokyo, I had hoped that someday Singapore Airlines would bring it to Jakarta, and it came true. As an aviation enthusiasts, this treatment is just very exciting. Not just about to feel and experience the seat itself, but we could get a chance to chat and share experience with the flight attendants, and any other like minded people.


Flying inside the Mall



2 thoughts on “Flying inside the Mall

    • Kleopas Danang says:

      Hehe Amen mas.. Ameen. I adore Mr. Pujobroto as a truly Airline PR professional. That’s why I’m currently working on my best to collect experience and port folio with SIA. I want to be an Airline PR professional. 🙂 Doain yaaa 🙂

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