Tips to Fly More Efficiently, Comfortably and Safely

Traveling by Airplane must be very exciting to do. Nowadays, many people prefer to use ‘Air Transportation’ wherever they go. Not just in order to save time and energy, moreover, traveling by airplane has been so popularly thought as “Prestigious”. It was seemingly very expensive to fly by an airplane. However, as the varying number of Low Cost Regional Airlines has developed more affordably, ‘Everybody can fly’ today.

What i’m writing today, is specially to all of you who are interested to be a more sophisticated air travelers. Regional or Overseas air travelers might need these tips to make you get more confident during the journey. And I’d like to share some tips that can help you, such as:

Tips to Fly more efficiently:

1) Book the ticket 3 months prior departure. Especially for Overseas destination. Sometimes you’ll get a super saver price. This needs your concern to fix the date of your traveling date appropriately.

2) Traveling Classes always have their the On-Date-Departure Ticket offer. That is excluding the Flexible or Open Ticket. It’s no common for company to set promo fares for the Open Ticket.
You can simply choose to which class you want to be: “J” (First Class) “C” (Business Class) “I” (Economy Premium) “Y” (Economy Class). Those are the current codes for Passenger’s Traveling Classes. But, sometimes every airline may have different regulation according to the ticket you buy. For instance, “V” Class indicates you are in “Y” Class (Economy) but you buy it in a promo fares which means your ticket is not flexible.

3) You must arrive at the airport at least 1,5 hours before STD (Scheduled Time Departure). Proceed to Check-In as soon as you arrive. If you fly regional or overseas, Please Do not bother to be a Stand By Passenger (the code is usually appeared as: HL ; HK is usually confirmed ticket) . It maybe risky when you must go showing on the date you expect to go, but sometimes you might get lucky. If your ticket is already confirmed ( The code is usually appeared as: HK 1) Make sure you RECONFIRM the Ticket at least 48 hours before departure.

Tips to Travel Convenient and Comfortably:

1) Do not bring many stuff inside your trunk when you only travel in several days or even a week. If you traveled more than 2 weeks, or so you must use a bigger suitcase. For the backpacker traveler, please ensure to always list in your baggage. I use suitcase ( cabin-size suitcase, check: Delsey Luggage) when i travel for 1 week or 2 weeks. I am used to save some clothes. I will effort not to bring so many suitcases or bags when i travel. If i travel more than 2 weeks that requires bigger suitcase, i would just put everything in it and register it as my baggage. So i just bring my purse or backpack into the cabin. Make sure your bag size fulfills the standard of cabin luggage size, and not more than 10 kgs.

The thing is, i don’t want to look messy at the airport. I don’t want my appearance got ruined by those useless bags or carton bags that won’t make anyone else judge me as a business traveler or at least a sophisticated one 🙂

2) Don’t bring many extra bags (usually your souvenir items bags) or any carried items with you into the cabin will make you look so hurry and unsophisticated. Just make it more convenient by putting it in your suitcase or bag. That’s why i always hate to bring foods or excess carry-on bags.

3) You can bring your cabin size suitcase into the cabin. I always try my best not to list my baggage. I rarely use baggage claim because I never get too patient while waiting the baggage to come out once arrival. Not to mention, the risk of our suitcase might be damaged is high.

*Baggage Claim is the worst thing i experience during my travel. Not only in Indonesia but in some countries i’ve visited. Seeing my suitcase dropped and thrown harshly onto carousel is just hurting me a lot*

4) During long haul flight, you may demand a companion during your travel. Either they are movies, books, snacks, musics. Otherwise you’re bored with the movie, you can turn on your laptop and play your favorite movie. Please make sure to use your headset so won’t bother the others.

5) During long haul flight, you shouldn’t just sit on your couch the whole time. You may spend time to walk around the cabin, or chatting up with cabin crew or other passengers in the cabin. It helps you a lot to rest your legs and bullocks so you won’t suffer a fatigue once you disembark. Another important thing is, you shouldn’t sleep a lot during flight. It will manage you to get a heavy jet lag afterward.

If you travel from Asia to U.S and or opposite that consumes time more than 15 hours with 15 hours late different times may cause you a heavy jet lag if you’re not smart enough to match your sleeping time.

Please note: Overseas Travelers should fill in your declaration and arrival form for immigration needs as soon as it’s distributed by the cabin crew. This is purposed not to make you forget if you’re delaying the filling. You shouldn’t fill the form when you’re lining up at the passport control. It’s hardening for you if the forms demands you to write in a complicated form like: Australia Immigration form, United States (I heard this has the most fucked up ones) and Some European Countries.

6) Traveling on the airplane may disturb your metabolism amid the air pressure. Sometimes you need more liquid in order to prevent the dehydration. You must drink a lot of Mineral Water (not sodas, tea, coffee, juice or liquors) if you fly in more than 5 hours flight.

7) During the descent, your ear pulps might be disturbed. You should chew a candy or gum to retain your mouth moves, unless keep talking with your seat mate, It helps to let the air out to release your ears so long your mouth’s not shut. You can use the headset as you listen to a song that can be set to save your ears from the air pressure.

8) Make yourself comfortable during the landing / touch down. If the plane touch downs roughly you can simply hold still on the arm rest, or holding at your forward headrest, to steady your body from the tension.

Tips To Fly More Safely:

1) Before you choose to buy airlines ticket, make sure that you choose a reliable airlines that you can trust. For Example the one and only: Garuda Indonesia.

2) Pray before Take-Off or Landing.

3) TURN OFF Your MOBILE PHONE or BLACK BERRY. It’s strictly prohibited.
Electronic Devices such as Laptops, Digital Camera and Videos are actually allowed once the air borne, and Mustn’t be used during plane takes off and Landing.

4) PAY ATTENTION to Safety Demonstration made by cabin crew.
Some people has neglected this. But to all of you who never been in a accident must have pay attention. This is the major importance of Flight Attendant’s Job, to direct you with safety procedures.

5) While waiting for take off you should read the safety instruction card thoroughly. This is important to know how to open the emergency door just in case of something happens.

6) Readjust your headrest before take off and landing. It will make you stay awake during both most crucial part in every flight.

7) Don’t put your bag on your lap.

8) DO NOT USE your MOBILE PHONE /BLACK BERRY while you’re on board. It may cause a damage in Airplane’s navigation with some buzzer noise in communication.

9) Always keep your seat belt fastened while you’re seated. (It is major important!) because turbulence comes unexpectedly.

Alrighty, i know it must be a bit long, but i hope it’s useful to Inspire you…
“And this is your captain speaking, We wish you have a pleasant flight with…… “(Fill in your favorite Airlines yourself)



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