International Civil Aviation Day

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I guess it’s been months I have left my blogs silent, since I have been busy with work. Throughout this post I wanna talk about a special occasion that I personally celebrate today – the December 7th 2011 – as the international civil aviation day. None of us might familiar about this day, nor this day is well-known among the public, especially here in Indonesia; but I believe it is still valuable to us who might be interested in Aviation. I actually kind of reminded through my friend’s Retweets.

The history of International Civil Aviation Day was first enacted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1966 in accordance with General Assembly Resolution about the International Civil Aviation. However, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) began to celebrate the day since 1994, the 50th Anniversary of the signing the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

So this post is specially dedicated to all Aviation professionals around the world namely pilots, flight attendants, engineers, ground staffs, management, and every party that involve in the development of the World’s Aviation scene. Professional Aviation experts have made World’s Aviation industry notably grown these days, not only by the raising demands in air travel, and the performance of low cost carriers that push passengers traffic but also the rapid growth in technology that triggers the production of many new generation airplanes that will ensure more safety and efficiency for passengers.

Source: Guardian.co.uk

Let’s flash back to the news round-up towards several events that happened throughout year 2010 – 2011. One of the good news from the Aviation Industry is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s first delivery in September 26th this year. The latest product from Boeing that had met many problems during its production finally has been solved and made its first delivery to All Nippon Airways (ANA) after three times delay. The futuristic and yet high – efficient  aircraft had been waited by Aviation enthusiasts around the world, and of course, it must have been a pride for ANA to be the first user of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. ANA conducted the first flight of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner on Tokyo (Haneda) – Hong Kong leg. The first flight of Boeing 787 Dreamliner as a commercial airliner made headlines in many world’s publications.

Besides, Qantas, the flag carrier of Australia has been mentioned in many publications throughout the year. The news that reported many technical mishaps, and light accidents occurred to the airline which had to disturb flights, especially the latest biggest news they carried is when the company agreed to stop its operation for more 24 hours worldwide that cause 13,000 passengers stranded. Meanwhile, at that time the Australian government called for an emergency arbitration hearing, which was ajourned on the following Sunday after hearing evidence from the airline and unions, who are protesting planned job cuts. The airline, however, resumed operation in Sunday afternoon when the government had argued that the airline be ordered to fly in Australia’s economic interests.

The similar incident also happened to Indonesia’s flag carrier – Garuda Indonesia in which calling all pilots that gathered in the union of Garuda Pilots Association to strike for ex Jakarta flights for nearly 12 hours. The argumentation between Garuda Management and Garuda Pilots Association met deadlocked where the Association accused the implementation of foreign pilots’ salary contracts conveying discrimination towards the local pilots, and the management couldn’t fulfill all the lists of demands that issued by the Pilot unions.

This year seemingly becomes the year where Aviation experts’ human resources being concern about their ‘pride’. Let’s say there must be a news highlighting at dispute between Pilots or workers union towards some flag carriers’ management. As we read from the two samples in which 2 big flag carriers from Australia and Indonesia had dispute between managements and each employee union that insists to look after their ’employee benefits’ instead of only focusing on the salary.I can’t say much about this, the case should be ended internally, it’s enough already for me to hear and know what happens, the rest, is upon each party.

Source: CAPA

In regards to the airline management, aviation experts see that a domino effect towards the global crisis and the increasing fuel prices have affected airlines’ operating costs and revenues. As a matter of fact, many airlines in the world are struggling through this situation. Since the global economic began and hitting the world, air travel providers must feel the impact as many companies decided to cut on air travels. Despite the surge in jet fuel prices that weighed the air ticket fares where airline companies can’t compromise on the fuel cost hence must be charged to passengers through fuel surcharges, has slightly cut airlines’ profits. The western countries seemingly got affected by the crisis, despite some Asian countries, including Indonesia that are seemingly being in an ‘stable’ position or unaffected by the global crisis.

The number of domestic passengers in Indonesia are increasing year by year. Many people now commute by air transportation, supported by the appearance of many Low Cost Carrier / Budget Airlines operating in the country. Moreover, some new airlines will appear next year to compete with the existing airlines. Most airlines in the region are now planning for the expansion that proving airlines business – in particular Aviation Industry – in Indonesia is still quiet promising. As an archipelago country that separated by seas, and consist more than 13,000 islands make transportation business is very reliable, and speaking of time efficiency, people prefer to commute by Air transportation.

Talking about expansion; many airlines in the world now competing in plane orders. The bright future of this industry makes many airlines bidding for expansion by purchasing new planes. Emirates, for example, the airline had signed its deal with Boeing for the purchase of 50 Boeing 777-300ERs, and Singapore Airlines announced its latest firm order of 8 more Boeing 777-300ERs, Garuda Indonesia still waiting for its 10 Boeing 777-300ERs and Airbus A 330-200s to support its international network

Source: Obamanews.com

Last topic that made headlines last month was the signing deal between Lion Air and Boeing Corporation which was directly witnessed by President Obama. Lion Air has announced its order agreement with Boeing Corporation to order 230 planes that consist of the 201 Boeing 737-900ER and 29 Boeing 737 MAX orders. The media seems to be aggressively exposing this massive orders, although nobody knows the exact number of firm orders and optional orders that made by the airline, but the news value of this massive order is extraordinary. However, Boeing and US especially welcomed Lion Air’s massive orders that might open 10,000 jobs in the US relating to the plane production, and Airbus sees that Obama interferes on Lion Air’s decision to sign the agreement.

Aviation industry is indeed interesting to talk about, knowing that Aviation Industry as a high capital and high risk businesses would work together with many other sectors and related to many aspects. Aviation Industry provides the most different experience to people around the world. Why? because flying is amazing, and it makes us close to God. (Read: Convocation).


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