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Sophie Ellis Bextor Live in Jakarta (Java Soulnation 2011)

It’s murder on the dance floor. but you better not kill the groove!

We had a blast last night!

In fact, I would be speechless to describe my excitement when a friend of mine told me that she would’ve given two daily free passes for Java Soulnation 2011, but the spirit I took from attending this event was magnificent.

Sophie Ellis Bextor, a multi-talented English singer had made the most magnificent performance of the night! I felt very lucky to stand at the front line of the festival part in which I could see her closer and more clearly. Sophie performed several songs that reminded us to the past, namely:  Heartbreak, Take Me Home, Murder on the Dance Floor, Get Over You from her first debut album “Read my Lips”, and Starlight, Revolution are two songs that were brought too last night.

Well, I was one of those people who grew up with her songs during my junior high school when dance genre was still quiet popular. She provided an outstanding innovasion and performance throughout the music dance in the world that time. Moreover, Sophie received a very warm welcome from the crowd, apparently many Indonesians love her and I repeatedly heard people adored her legs and skins.

She is a life – like manequine.

Sophie sang in a modest fashion appearance. I believe that she would feel more comfortable instead of wearing lots of ornaments and dancers. Her light brown polka-dots cullotes dress made her even more shining. Besides, she could also interact very well with the crowd. Sophie mentioned about her name was mispelled to be Syophie.  She was like “My name is Sophie, not Syophie, but you could take me shopping,” and the crowd giggled.  Once singing “Take Me Home” Sophie told the crowd that she had had a little bit wardrobe malfunction. Her shoes string loose and she pardoned the crowd for two seconds to fix it. I captured her and she smiled 🙂

The performance began punctual and ended right at 8:00 pm. Once the stage was cleared and all the viewers came out from stadium, we decided to visit other stages outside to check other performances. But look, who we got to join us with the Wii games and spent couple minutes to take pictures with us? They are Sophie’s band players! 🙂

(To be continued.. I will upload the videos and some more pictures!)


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