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Indonesian Aviation Academy – STPI Curug Batch 1

Happy Sunday dear all readers,

Guess what, we had a surprise visitation of my big family and it had been a very enjoyable Sunday to spend with. Especially when my aunt came with several photos that she found from my Grandpa’s super old diary which I believed was made during his study at Indonesian Aviation Academy in the late 40’s. She brought it in purpose to let me know about the photos she found and of course these pictures were totally awesome (well at least to me), and I was asking my aunt for the picture and I scanned them directly once I saw them.

I can’t remember my Grandpa’s friends. Probably only several names as follow: Capt. Sumitro, Capt. Rustasmin, and Capt. Sumolang. When I found this picture I feel proud of  him, knowing that he graduated from one of the oldest and most prestigious flying academy in the country, and he was even in the first batch. Saya saja yang hanya cucu dan anak dari Penerbang lulusan Curug Bangga, Gimana yang alumnusnya langsung yah? hehe

When I saw these pictures, I found something in common between him and his son in law, my dad. My dad has his own album as well during his education in Curug, and he also decorated the pictures with some cool handwriting that makes those photos look even more fun to see.


4 thoughts on “Indonesian Aviation Academy – STPI Curug Batch 1

  1. Dindi Tartika says:

    hai mas, salam kenal saya Dindi cucu dari Capt. Soemitro. Thanks for writing such a great story. Feel proud knowing our grandfather was the first student of Indonesian Aviation Academy.

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