Plane model brings a significant mood and I’d say thank you for it!

The title might sound a little bit overrated – well at least by knowing what I’d received today, it might be an exception.

I thought that it would be just an uneventful day at the office. Actually  nothing really special coming on today, especially when I checked in the morning and doing my summary routine still anticipating weekend that are coming in just a few hours. I forgot that today would be the last day for office mate, Neil, who will be flying out for Singapore, moving to our regional office. I was just nearly not about to talk to anyone due to my straight-faced attention towards my computer screen, screamed by heart surviving from so many translations.

But Neil came by my desk, and he walked then handed me with a package, which I believed came from Qatar Airways.

As a airplane freak I must’ve been noticed; I looked at him and curious where he got that stuff from – I thought he would’ve just bragged – but apparently I was wrong. He was approaching me, and said “Danang, I believe you would like this,”  I had noticed that white box appeared on top of the bag, which I knew it must be a plane model. I got excited instantly – very excited that Neil wasn’t thinking I would’ve been that happy. Everyone was looking at me, I kept disbelieving that the bag was actually for me. “Really?” I said. Neil was assuring that by saying it was lightly a “present” from him, “It would be an extra baggage to carry on this stuff tomorrow,” then I was sure that he was seriously bringing the plane model for me. I gave him a hug, and thanked over him. What a coincidence that I was planning to buy a new plane model, and this time I expected to buy a Boeing 777-300ER with the exact 1:200 scale. Since it actually cost me a little bit expensive budget, and I need to save up for some times, I finally got it as a present, and the model is just what I wanted. Boeing 777-300ER. To sum up, I might say that this present has given a positive mood booster for me.

Many many many many big thanks for Neil! I know that this model might mean nothing to anyone else, but to me it is surely something, and I deeply appreciate it. Wish you have a pleasant stay in Singapore, Neil! Good luck!

So I went home quick until I couldn’t wait to unpacking the model. I waited til’ my Dad was home then we could open this together, and voilla’ he seemed so excited as I was when I received the present.

Well, okay then, but before I’m signing out; please check some pictures I captured for the giant twin model:


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