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Singapore Flyer? No, It’s an Indonesian Flyer – wannabe

Welcome to Singapore, or Xinjiapo as what the Mandarin says. I remember to read that board two weeks ago when I had a chance to visit Singapore city for 3 days 2 nights after a very long time ago. The trip was supposed to be a gathering, and we had free time from 2 pm until midnight on the first day. I decided to meet my old friend on the first day and asked him to escort me for sight seeing or having some fun by tasting some food and shopping.

Well, It’s not really I spent time mostly for the foods and shopping though, but I forced him to take me to Singapore flyer, the largest wheel in the world and even bigger than London Eye Tower.

My friend was actually ensuring me not going to the Giant Wheel, as he assumed the attraction was boring, and not really cool, but I assured him, since I would be dying to try the Giant Wheel, and hunt for some pictures, plus enjoying the sunset from the height, he let me go, and he joined me accordingly.

After taking the 30 minutes plus flight upon the elevation seeing Singapore’s city, I begged my friend to visit Flight Experience which is located not really far. I’ve known this place since my brother informed me about the place. He said Okay, because I used to inform him that I knew this place where you could purchase Boeing souvenirs and also visit the mock-up. It’s raining but we made it through, I was just so curious to see a place which my brother said it’s your must-visited-place in Singapore , there you may find a cockpit and simulation features that I would really like.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a very humble and welcoming host which I presumed she was working for the place, and I saw there was a cockpit mock-up with a real like airplane door, and when you entered, there you go, there’s a Boeing 737-800NG simulator which ready to bring you upon the sky.

Despite the cost which was too expensive for a 30 minutes play minimum, but I was still happy to visit this small cockpit with real panels and details. It’s just real. Oh damn, I just felt as if I was on the plane, and sitting on the left seat, made me so comfortable. Looking at the overhead panel, throttle, flaps, and the yoke. I really thanked god that I could finally visit this place, on top of that, I also met a simulator trainer for the simulator which turned out to be an actual pilot, and wow, we really found some similarity on interest, especially on aviation. We talked many things about aviation, and I really felt sorry for my friend who found out that I managed to prefer stayed for a while, although the time has been nearly late for dinner.

Hopping on a real cockpit is truly fun! Not just the experience, but when you feel the air of the most stressful room in the world will make you feel challenge and the view is different. You look forward and around, not only to west or the east. If many people prefer to visit shopping places or finding a museum or local restaurant to eat, I think I would love to do that too, but visiting a different places or random places while you travel must provide you with a remarkable stories.


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