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Kwaru Beach, Jogjakarta

Despite my holiday ended in Jogjakarta not accordingly with my first plan to Bali, but I still could feel the excitement on having my short holiday. My cousin and her friend took me to a beach called Kwaru which is located in the down south Jogjakarta.

It is not Parangtritis as lots of many people know, but this beach is a bit more farther. The journey only took me for 40 minutes to reach the beach, so I guess it’s not very far.

My expectation before was going to a gray sand beach, and swimming prohibition so it might be a little boring then I proposed them to go to Sundak beach instead which offered greater white sand beach, calmer wave, and quieter ambiance. The problem is the journey takes longer behind the mountain at least 2 hours ride. My cousin friend said that I should’ve visited Kwaru as I never been there, and he said there were a lot to do in there, such as ATV ride, Paint ball, and the uniqueness of the beach which is surrounded by pine trees not coconut trees.

I was a little curious though since my cousin was a little bit flattering me to go there instead. Once I came there, since it’s Sunday its normal that beach must get more visitors. I didn’t mind as long as I still had place to lay down, and the situation wasn’t too rush in. My cousin was right, the beach is so unique, there are so many pine trees which branches formed some sort of a roof for us to hide from the sun, where many food and drinks sellers were mostly located there as well as the ATV ride track.

I came down, and it’s like the beach reminded me to somewhere familiar, it’s Kuta Beach in Bali, (Err, well Kuta is better though, but I was just about to give a closer perspective hehe) Kuta has gray sand beach, only the situation there is more alive with clubs and restaurants. But here, i found it’s a little bit quiet far from the crowds and the bikinis (boo-hoo!).

The wave – i admit – is spectacular. The surfers must love this beach. The surf points can be done anywhere. But the thing is, we shan’t underestimate every southern beach. There’s a lot reason why we must obey the swimming rules and regulation over southern beach. The wave is indeed bigger, but sometimes, they unexpectedly could kill you with a strong whirl stream you’ll be waved in within seconds. If you’re not ready the God hands will pull you in and we’ll see you in heaven… hahaha. kidding.

I just walked in the wave to wash my thighs and legs, and running to chase the wave, many people did that, and I brought my SLR so that we could use moments capturing the best style on the beach. I thanked god for a clear blue sky, sunny day, it might be hurting for us, but not the SLR, all the pictures resulted good resolution, the blue, the water, and the sands.

The day is getting hotter and I thought my sunblock couldn’t resist it anymore, we walked up, and back to the pine trees area for resting under the trees. We hired one ATV car which priced at Rp. 25,000 ($1.8) per 15 minutes, but seriously you might only need 5 minutes to go and back to your place, except when you have partners to race, it will be a different story. It’s my first time riding on ATV, so you might guess that I had difficulties when I attempted to ride it at the first hand especially on the heavy steering.

My cousin’s first ride

Overall, I didn’t regret to visit this beach, and I have been thinking to return when I have time back to Jogja. It’s not only the beach itself, but the activity in which we could do other than swimming and sunbathing. I strongly recommend you to spend sometime visiting the beach, it is fun!


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