Garuda Retro Livery

First of all, Happy Birthday Garuda Indonesia. I personally would like to wish you a wonderful 62 years old celebration. Seemingly my blog post today is not really up-to-date knowing they had celebrated it two weeks ago (26 January 2010).

As the largest airline in Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia must be noticed by its competitors. Not saying that, other national airlines cannot compete with reliable and professionalism service, but I think Garuda has actually become the benchmark to other airlines in Indonesia.

There’s one thing that has amazed me since I saw it on the first post; the old livery which flashed upon one of its newest Boeing 737-800NG. The red, gray and white livery which presented  its 1960-1969 brand logo.

It’s unique knowing a retro livery was found on a new generation plane.

When my mom saw this, she was sort of rejuvenating into her childhood moments, especially reminding to her first flying experience with my Grandfather who’s formerly a pilot for Garuda.

When it turned to my dad he’s like ” I flew the retro Boeing 737-800NG, and I feel proud while riding on it!” he’s just hoping if there’s a chance of another Boeing 737-800NG painted in the orange livery after this one (1970- late 1980) when he first joined  the company.

Picture by: Kai Heinrich and have bid my attention. It’s the old school DC-9 and a flight steward assisted a kid deplaning.

Garuda brand logo from time to time has been familiar to my family as there are 3 generations that have already dedicated ourselves to the company.


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