My Life

Pow is for Polar

Hello everyone,. As we’re getting closer to Christmas, I bet all of you are keening to welcome the day. Some are expecting for tomorrow night as we’re celebrating Christmas eve.

I feel that Christmas this year is truly blessed, we recall all the great (and sad plus my drama ) things coming to our door starting from my graduation, our achievement on finally getting the house renovated, my brother’s pilot education, me getting the job, and the last one is the celebration of new family member. POLAR.

This dog is awesome. How could I say so? First, my mom’s friend offered her to take one outta 9 new born Golden Retriever puppies. We decided to take the white one as he’s the only one born white, literally polar bear fur alike and yet his adorable behavior. He’s only one month old when we took him this week, he’s just so cute, and adorable.

Polar is going to accompany my superstar Buster the fake corgi. (He’s not corgi but mixed breed between Daschune and Pomeranian but resembles Corgi the royal dog). However, both dogs seem not getting along pretty well, at least yet until this time. Buster seems shy, he sounds quiet and better avoid Polar whenever he’s in the mood for play.



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