Jakarta Fashion Week

Last night I had a great opportunity to attend the largest fashion week in Indonesia that you all may know it already. Yes, Jakarta fashion week. It was my first time as I have to admit it to sit in the front row line and getting the invitation. Big thanks to my office mates, mba Melinda, mba Yasminda, and Sitha.

The runway was clear for the show at 8.30 pm, and everyone got excited as I could feel the excitement there. The nights show was enlivened by seven Indonesian designers who are LPM graduates whose names are now soaring as trustworthy designers in Indonesia. Chossy Latu, Billy Chong, Itang Yunaz, Karmanita, Denny Wirawan, and three others.

Their clothes that shown last were all fabulous and creative. What I like from their concept is not leaving the richness in arts and culture of Indonesia as a big nation. It’s colorful, energetic and powerful. However, on the last fashion show we didn’t meet any men clothing on runway, which mainly are focusing to women’s couture and ready-to-wear ones.


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