Qantas Airways Incident, RTB: Singapore Changi Airport

Qantas flight number QF 32 outbound from Singapore to Sydney had to force an emergency landing back in Changi Airport after the second engine part fell off on the western island of Indonesia (Batam island).

The Airbus A380 of Australian flag carrier which carried 459 passengers had only flown 10 minutes after take off from Changi. The pieces fell down on Hang Nadim airport and its surrounding. The cowl pieces fell on 3 buildings of 2 houses and a shopping mall in Batam Island, meanwhile there wasn’t report of serious injuries by the incident.

The investigators had flown to Singapore, meanwhile the passengers and crew were safely evacuated.

The cause of the engine blast (failure) are still under investigation. However, the news which spread on Twitter was remarkably quick rather than the response which covered by the Media and Qantas Airlines as the corporation.

I think this is pretty crucial since this incident happened to brand new plane such the Airbus A-380 and the engine itself, manufactured by Rolls Royce. I may not an aviation expert, but seeing the picture of the trouble caused, I could assume that the engine stressed was basically causing the light explosion.

And as I heard that engine blast may happen in two condition: first, engine stressed due to the over speed, and second is the mechanical problem which undetected prior take-off. So I bet it would be too fast if we’d say whether this incident caused by the malpractice or mechanical failure, or even the volcano ash from Mount Merapi eruption.

Qantas had also announced the grounded all of  its Airbus A380 operation for precautions.

When you fly a lot, you should remember this, don’t get too fear of flying, since all airmen in the world must emphasise on this: “Take-off is optional, and Landing is Mandatory”.


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