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An Evening with David Foster & Friends: Live in Concert Jakarta

Finally the date was on! It’s been 4 years since my last time watching a concert, a real concert.

I had no doubt 3 months ago while purchasing ticket for David Foster and friends Concert which actually was pretty expensive but I knew it would be worth-it to watch the 5 world-class singers performance in the show.

The show has invited many attentions from many public, especially in Jakarta. The crowd was amazing, I wonder those people even purchase 7,5 million for Gold ticket which David called them “Rich” people  haha and we are who sitting far in the back was the “Real” People. Gold and Silver seats were all sold out, and even the cheapest one, the bronze seemed to be overloaded. Many people had to stand up during the show, and I thought that was even better to see a performance.

I mostly half stood during the show, I just couldn’t beg my eyes to keep seeing the screen as I always wanted to see the singer from my naked eyes.

I have expected several singers such as Peter Cetera, Natalie Cole, Ruben Studdard, Charice Pampeno, and Canadian Tenors. Peter Cetera was actually on my top list. The former vocalist of Chicago has driven me crazy with his voice, and of course so is Charice’s the new young Asian singer who could perform Whitney Houston and Celine Dion as no one in the world can’t do better like her.

I could see that David Foster was a fun guy, he’s putting some of his comedian sides during the show, entertaining and making the audience laughs. He invited 3 audiences to join him singing on stage. The first one was a 9 years old kid who sang with Peter Cetera (I’M SO JEALOUS) , named Rio, and the second was Mario Ginanjar (singer from Indonesian vocal group, Kahitna and the last one was a girl she’s not a commercial singer, but her voice was pretty something).

What makes us laughing was during Ruben Studdard part when David asked Ruben to do the things they’d done in Switzerland, so David came to the audience and picked one person to say one phrase, any phrase, and Ruben had to sing that phrase. It’s funny but Ruben could do it well! David arranged the tunes and he sang with his brilliant voice while making up the lyrics just in time. When David met the audience and handed its mic to one of the guy audience, he said “Who ate my fish?”.. and there you go, Ruben sang his own lyrics in Soul jazz arrangement of Who Ate My Fish hehehehe.

Peter Cetera, he’s the first on my list. When he appeared, I knew some songs he would sing. It’s hard to say I’m sorry, You’re the inspiration, If you leave me now, and Glory of Love. I was delighted to know that if mostly You’re the inspiration and If you leave me now mostly are mixed up, but this time he fully sang the four songs himself. I felt like killing my self with thousand knives when he sang It’s hard to say I’m sorry. Profoundly deeeeeppp!

Greatly apologise that my voice ruin Peter Cetera beautiful voice haha as I couldn’t help not to sing

Charice sang 4 songs, The power of love, I have nothing, I will always love you, and All by myself. Those four songs received four standing applause as we all know that this young girl is pretty something. Whatta-voice! I thought her main performance and could do best for Whitney Houston, apparently she could do Celine Dion’s as well!! If you thought I have nothing was her best performance then you’re false. All by myself was her best best best performance. Her voice made me shivered thousand times even until today, soooo astonishing!

Many friends have been asking me why do I like David Foster, and would be there mostly old songs played by old singers. My simple answer was like “They sing better than today’s generation, their songs are everlasting”

It’s true, and I’m lucky to be familiar with all the songs they sang last night.

By the end of the show, the all performing singers gathered and singing “Earth Song” of Michael Jackson to express the condolences to earthquake and volcano eruption victims which occurred in Mentawai and Jogjakarta the other day. I heard some percents of the income will be donated for the victims.


35 thoughts on “An Evening with David Foster & Friends: Live in Concert Jakarta

  1. Thanks for the early update and feedback on the concert. It’s heartwarming to read about how fellow Asian Charice, our very own from the Philippines, had given the audience what it deserved, and the rest of the performers giving all they’ve got in this event. The audience gave back as much.

    It’s pretty amazing how Indonesia turned out for the event considering the unfortunate incident in Sumatra just 2 days before. I wish the Indonesians well. Terima kasih, Kleopas.
    / kv / @aka_java

  2. luvs says:

    Awwww nice to hear from Jakarta. We are all awaiting any videos from that night, however, your story will suffice. Thank you! Yes, I feel the same way too even though I have only heard Charice on Youtube.

  3. Kleopas Danang says:

    @Java_Ph: thanks for feedback really appreciate it. Yeah Charice has a truly amazing voice and she’s Asians pride! I was thrilled while listened her singing and still now her “All by myself” still sticking in my mind

    • Kleopas Danang says:

      Thanks a lot for your attention. I think there have been so many disasters happen to our country, and it’s good to know that David Foster cared to us. 🙂

  4. josie says:

    You have given the most detailed account of the concert and how the audience reacted to all the performers especially Charice. The people of Indonesia, if only a handful (2,900) had embraced Charice as if she is their own and we love you for that. I hope there will be more concerts by Charice in your country and the real people got also a chance to hear her.

    • Kleopas Danang says:

      Hi Josie thanks for the inputs. However, Charice was definitely hitting the concert last night. As the closing singer I think she’s the climax of the show.. When I heard her sing live was totally nearly perfect and I found myself seeing her as Celine Dion from Asia. hehe.

  5. Joon Alano says:

    A video of her performing will be appreciated but your input helps, tnx kindly for sharing, my prayers to all the disaster victims.

  6. tsuki says:

    I saw DFF & Charice in Tokyo. All I can say is goosebumps, goosebumps & goosebumps. If I’m super rich, I’ll watch their show from Tokyo to Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta & Singapore. STUPENDOUS!!! Allah bless Indonesia.

  7. Jazzy says:

    Thanks for this update. I woke up very early here in Norway just to find some videos of DFF concert in Jakarta but sad to say no videos. I was hoping that at least some blogs or any updates and luckily I found this! Thanks to you 🙂 especially for recognizing Charice`s talent. Yes, she is Asian pride. I know her through youtube also and even in videos I felt goosebumps. I can`t even imagine if I can hear her live. You`re so lucky man to hear her live(I`m jealous). I love Peter Cetera too!

    • Kleopas Danang says:

      Hi there, I actually have several videos of each singer performance. However, the video quality is poor but you can only enjoy the voice. 🙂 I may update this blog later with the video from my digicam

  8. Dewi Anggreni says:

    OMC…i love charice very dream is i can meet her someday….but i can’t go there last nite…i can’t get the ticket..hikzhikz…so please give us some video of Cha,, ok..hehe…thanks so much…labyo..labyo..^^,

  9. mel says:

    Thanks for the blog. Wonderful write-up on Charice. She is definitely DF’s biggest “Friend” in this DF & Friends concert. The beauty of her voice is hard to explain. You just have to see and hear her to believe your own eyes and ears. She is beautiful in person than in real life. I don’t know if I am making any sense but she is amazing!!

  10. thanks for ur detailed experience of the concert..Im one of the fans of Charice here in Hongkong.
    It makes me happy seeing our princess Charice doing what she does best..Maybe one day i will
    have the chance of meeting her in personal and seeing her perform live..Im not losing hope.
    Thanks Jakarta for embracing our very own Charice..She truly represents the whole of Asia.
    Way to go Charice and thanks DF for norturing her..Labyo u Charice and thanks beautiful people of Indonesia

  11. You saved the day for most of us Chasters. You have given us the good news about the DF&F performance in Jakarta and especially our Princess Charice. Thank you very much for your effort and we pray that the disasters in Indonesia stop and save the people. Our condolences to the suffering.

    I have my youtube channel dedicated to Charice. Please visit me there:

    Take care now.

  12. Anthony says:

    I’m a big fan of Charice! I’m from Utah. I drove 6 hours to Las Vegas just to see her and another 6 hours back to snowy Utah! It was totally worth it! Charice gave us all goosebumps! Your article was very well written! Thanks for recognizing her talent. David Foster is a great musician and I enjoy mostly his compositions. Take care.

  13. Nsanitee says:

    to kleopas, you are now hooked and a chaster forever. you will be singing her (charice) praises for years to come. let me quote what you said, “Her voice made me shivered thousand times even until today, soooo astonishing!” for some of us who have only heard her on youtube, we were mesmerized by her voice. and here you are, seeing her and hearing her voice in a live performance, that is the effect of her voice. wow, mind-boggling!!!
    thank you so much. salamat!
    please show us your vids. thanks.

  14. reysan says:

    had a great time reading your story about what happened during the concert of DFF. waiting for the videos you’re gonna post on your blog. million thanks!

  15. hi, thanks for sharing us your experience, but the surname of Charice you misspelled as Pempeno. i guess it’s always better to only say and write CHARICE not include her last name since her father doesn’t want her to use it… if you know her story… 🙂

    you know, we’ve been dying to see some videos of the DFF concert in Jakarta. your blog simply put so many smiles on my face and to lots of Charice fans!

  16. spring says:

    Like you, I am also a fan of timeless oldies music! Nothing compares! Many of my favorite songs are actually composed or produced by David F. without me knowing it. So when I heard there’s gonna be an Asian DFF tour I was totally elated, especially that Peter Cetera and Ruben Studdard, 2 of my fave male singers are part of the group. I also like Charice (man, she can give you endless goosebumps & can make you cry), Natalie is also great(still sounds so good even at her age!), and the Canadian Tenors (well aside from they’re cute, their music is really kinda unique in this age of hiphop and rnb). So yeah, glad there are also people like me out there (not in the grandma & grandpa bracket) who love music of the 60s-90s 🙂

  17. Kleopas Danang says:

    Finally the videos are attached! 😀

    I couldn’t agree more. I think the 80-90s songs are everlasting. Never get bored to listen to it many many times.

  18. don says:

    hi kleo i just wanna let you know that i really enjoyed reading your blog and much more watching your videos of the concert—all of them are wowwweeerrrssss!!! hehehe! i just wish you post some more videos later coz im sure a lot of people would be very happy and appreciate your effort. again tahnk you thank you thank you…… don d chaster from florida

  19. Marie says:

    Hi Kleopas Danang,

    Thank you so much for sharing your most detailed experience on Charice & DFF Concert, I feel like I’m also there with you singing & watching this momentous event.

    You are so much lucky to have this kind of feeling as I never been experience such a wonderful time with DFF & Charice. Yes, I’m also a big fan of the ’80s & ’90s Music.

    I hope in the near future Charice & DFF will also perform here in New Zealand and I’m looking forward on that day to hug Charice & to be certified as Chaster.

    Salam & by the way, have you heard of Tetada Kalimasada?

  20. peter de guia says:

    Welcome to Charicemania, you’re now a bonafide member. Thank you for loving our Charice. You’re a great blogger and writer. Take care now.

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