Beijing Smokin’ Taxi

The smoking taxi refers to my stunned feeling over cabs in Beijing. I felt it’s kinda rude but I didn’t know how to stop the driver from doing their inappropriate habit that may disturb passengers. (Not in the bad way though).

Riding on a taxi in Beijing is simply cheap. Unlike in Tokyo or London where the taxi could be the VERY expensive as it’s charged per 500 meters after the starting meter. Once you are getting into a taxi in Beijing the meter starts at 10 yuan (Rp.13,000,-) and the next 1 kilometer is charged by 1 yuan (Rp.1,300,-) . But, in China don’t be alarmed to see many strange driver behaviors. They might not disturbing you by bitching around passengers especially tourists, but they might do something that might make us wonder such as volume up the songs in the car, spitting, not caring by the air conditioner, or the last thing that would questioned you is how could they smoke in the car?!.

However, the taxi cost cheaper in Beijing than in Jakarta :-)


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