Still from Beijing, The Brick Plates ‘Graffiti’

Still from Beijing, where I found some creative ideas how to put your own Graffiti (not as in the real definition) upon the brick plates which finalised into many different pictures that represent thoughts, feeling and the excitement of each participant. The wall of creativity was build in four layers in Beijing Zoo. I simply have no idea how to describe this wall, as they might not categorized in Graffiti yet, it is not a public violation as they created in a media where they were let to make as many as pictures and statement for the excitement towards China participation in Beijing Olympic.

From square to squares, I attempted to notice the point of their ‘hand’ paintings made on these brick plates and dried which forms a fabulous collections of handmade art piece. There’s actually one that attract me most from the whole brick plates which are shown there:

If you might find the clue, One Dream, One Love, and my dream is at the center plates with planes drawn on to it. 🙂 This plate made my day then.

Thanks for catching up!


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