Beijing – Looking for Escape Day 1

I’m so glad that I had another opportunity to travel during my last short holiday. I checked on the calendar and we had Idul Fitri (Eid Mubarak) holidays for a long weekend straight. Although, the Government has set the holiday for 7 days, I could just get 4 days from 9 until 12 September. I decided to use this long weekend holiday to fly to Beijing to capture myself at least on feet to the Great Wall.

Beijing is the capital city of Republic of China. Many people say this country is the new future of the world, beating America that was so called ‘The super power country’. However, after global crisis happened, and China has been striving to pursue their economic, it’s proven that China now has strengthen its economy and most likely becoming the threat to the Western country.

My arrival was right on Eid Mubarak holiday. In Indonesia everybody gathers and visit their families, in Beijing, everybody was rushing on the street, busy and the traffic was madness.

I picked Beijing as my destination since I realised that China has many great things to offer. The city which transformed between modernity and culture. Everything is also cheap in China which makes me love this country. Not forget to mention, that the living cost seems like cheaper in China instead of Jakarta. I wonder why China still remains their exchange rates towards several currencies, though in fact China is no longer seen as a developing country.

On my first day in Beijing, I visited many cultural and historical site before going madness for shopping. Forbidden City is mandatory to visit, I’ve returned to this place for two times but the feeling were the same. “Amazed”. Forbidden City has the largest complex structure for Palace in the world. The architecture of the buildings are very artistic and modest. When you came here you’ll ask yourself, how could they live in this isolated place, while Beijing is actually a large city. Despite the temperature which became warmer each hour, seriously it reached 38 degrees after 11 am, I still walked from in Tian’amen area including Forbidden City while hunting for some snapshots.

After chasing the old times in Forbidden City, I walked to the station and caught subway to the next station “Wangfujing”. Who doesn’t know Wangfujing, the shopping district where to find many good deal prices in souvenirs, goods and foods? Wangfujing gets cleaner now, and everything looks very right in order. I went for lunch there, and as usual i chose Mc Donalds. I was sooo starving i could eat a horse, and I won’t have time to look after some available restaurants and menu. I just chose whatever seen on my walking vision 🙂

I stayed until afternoon in Wangfujing, buying some souvenirs and foods for my mom and friends, before returning to the hotel, and going to Xidan, (Joy City Plaza) for Uniqlo shopping. Uniqlo is a clothing – japanese brand which similar to GAP or Muji. Actually Uniqlo is one of my favorite clothing line that I won’t miss to buy any during my travel in Asia. It’s very adorable and catchy. Unfortunately, Uniqlo hasn’t opened any stores yet in Indonesia, and I’m sure if the brand opened their outlets here, the prices must be more expensive!


5 thoughts on “Beijing – Looking for Escape Day 1

  1. Kleopas Danang says:

    Hehe iya.. saya sudah mulai punya account blog ini dari tahun 2008, but just about to reactivate this account and willing to write here again since early this year hehe.. Thanks for the comment ya mas Tri. 🙂

  2. fani says:

    eh skrg di beijing uda dingin loh..
    td gw liat di weather forecast suhu nya uda turun jauhhh..
    shrsnya sekarang kita berangkaaattt..!
    apa kita brangkat lg ya, masih ada new year hehehe..

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