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Hello guys, how are you all doing?

Finally after 1 month without any posting, I’d found another great stuff to share. I was invited to join the photo session by a friend of mine as in reason to have fun during the weekend, yet helping her friend, Arif Aditya (we call him Alik) whom were doing his port folio project for his photography work. There’s no reason to deny it, and I accepted it since the first time she offered me last week. I brought my SLR and used it to record all behind the scene and capture some pictures where I involved in. I’m so impressed to this guy smartness to direct our angle and style, yet we’re also impressed to his brilliant camera and lenses.

We were going deep into woods which has a lake in it near the suburb Jakarta. However, I had no idea of this park existence before got there, then I could notice how the park is pretty much good for the photo shoot. The trees were high, dense and the lake is huge (yet not so clean). The salty fresh water breeze, the smell of grass and leaves drop from the trees were very delighted to enjoy during the sunny day. Oh the only things we complained is the insects and mosquito So here we go guys, enjoy the picts. These pictures are the ones stored in my camera, taken by: Arif Aditya the photographer.

Wulan’s cheerful laughs hehe..

Photos by: Arif Aditya

Pocahontas. Photo by: Kleopas Danang


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