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HBD : Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to me! it’s 22’nd August and I feel it all the same like any previous years. Well except last year when I celebrated it with my junior high school friends, had so much fun!

Last night, I was complaining about my brother. totally. he called me at 11.00 pm jakarta time when exactly not on 22’nd but he’s pushing to say it as it’s been 12.00 am already in Bali. I was like “you can just text tomorrow, but he said, no, I want to be the first” hell yeah you were the first but absolutely the first.

In Indonesia, We considered it taboo to send birthday wishes where the person’s time is not matched with their birth date. My mum always kisses my cheek or sending her love greetings every 7 o’clock a.m on 22’nd august, as she said it was my real birth time.

However, there’s nothing special about my birthday this year. I decided to stay in bed rather than going out. It was totally hot outside therefore not a chance of me going anywhere and I still feel badly fatigue. I really happy to receive many text messages from my trusted friends where they don’t miss my birthday.

Oh, though yet, I haven’ t heard from the four guys, where are they???


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