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Independence Day Celebration!

Hello people, it’s a big day to all of us Indonesian, right? Yes it is!! as we’re commemorating our independence day. Back in 1945 where Soekarno and Hatta, our first president and vice president announced independence day.

We put on dresscode. “Red and White”

The occasion is always celebrated across the nation, every region has its own style.  Speaking of which we’re known with our strong bonds of brotherhood and cooperativeness, there must be something to celebrate which has become a tradition since while ago. It’s 17-an (read: Tujuh Belas-an) competition! Well yeah, we are all so much anticipating about 17-an competition. The local folks usually arrange the local celebration with the others in their area where many games that may involve participants and encouragement. Unlike this year which seems to be very ‘quiet’ as we’re celebrating independence day during Ramadhan season (fasting month) hence the many people may skip the competition parade this year 😦

Not to mention at my office. The celebration was held a day prior, and we took time one hour before the break fast hour. Only one hour but the joy and excitement still there, as we’re so much excited to win. There were three games arranged by our colleagues, mas bayu such as: Rock, Scissors, Paper competition (preliminary session), Inserting pen into bottle (for women) and Buttons sewing competition (for men). Too bad I didn’t win any of them whereas I was nearly to second preliminary in rock,scissors, paper but later I was beaten by Tito. For the buttons sewing, I did it well but not as neat as Steven did. So ya, not my luck then hehe, however, it’s not the most important thing, we did enjoy the games, and we feel to gain our togetherness through this short game session.

Yeaaayy!! I made it, I made it!!! hehe Tasya shouted excitedly.


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