Cowboy Bag

Besides my interest in aviation, I have another hobby in fashion. It’s sketching and make it comes real. However, I also have tendency to be a leather goods lover which is so rare to every man. LOL. For bag, I used to design it myself and at least finding a good bag maker, handmade which could a bag which exactly what I’d designed. I really loves bag. I have collected around 10 bags, and have been in love with it ever since.

Dressing up to the office makes my mood up. Oh yes, I like to match all my clothes with my bag so I’d look kinda funky.

Everybody had been talking about the bag I was wearing yesterday. Some of them were insisting to give that back away and trying to make me give it to them such as “Oh this is not a man bag, this is female’s bag! you should give it to me then, look this looks better in me!”

And I only smirked towards them and was like “oh give me a break, it’s made by my uncle and this was given 10 years ago! It’s a rare model, and there won’t be a chance I’m giving it to someone else..” 🙂


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