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Live like Seinfeld

I was so happy that the road was clear and traffic supported me to arrive home early last night, therefore I could fulfill my extra hours of sleep and relaxing my eyes for a bit. Anyway, I had a chance to watch Seinfeld too, as I had skipped many episodes in Season 8 so that I ran into some.

Anyway, this morning I was still in the mood for Seinfeld, gosh, I always laugh every time I repeat the Seinfeld Moments clips which are truly entertaining. So I browsed on youtube at the office before starting work and got myself laugh for a bit. Especially seeing the pretentious Jerry and they hyper Krammer, and not to mention the hideous George. hahaha. I must admit their comedy skills, this tv show tells about nothing, which simply represents all the stupidity and foolishness in life. While the 4 characters in like Jerry, Elaine, George and Krammer are what we are in the world.

I don’t have any specific favorite scene in Seinfeld. I mostly like them all. There are some episodes that I keep recalling all the time such as the Car Reservation, The Parking Lot, The Bubble Boy, The Vandelay Industry, The Contest, Donna Chang and The Cartwright.

I think some of you might agree that these episodes are the funniest, especially the one that made laugh most is the Bubble Boy which is simply silly when George is not aware of the sick bubble boy, debating on the Moores and the Moops, beating each other until George slapped the air hole and the bubble deflates.


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