Push it like a car!

Hello y’all now I’m back with another aviation news that I read this morning. Another skid off happened to Merpati Boeing 737-400 in Manokwari, Papua. Enough said, the airline had experienced the similar incident for twice in only a few months between. Although the previous incident had injured some passengers badly, but praise the lord that the latest incident resulted no fatalities and injuries. However, I smirked when I read the news, it’s all presented by photo witness which seen the plane was being ‘pushed’ by the locals to help the plane gets back on the runway.

Courtesy: Indopos Newspaper 11 August 2010

Oh snap! the fuselage was really pushed just like people do when pushing their stuck car or bus. It only happens in Indonesia. The airport should have sent the towing car to pull the plane back on the runway. It’s just funny you know, this is what the Government should look out, airport facility is indeed crucial.


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