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Dama Zio Wedding

It’s another wedding that I attended last week, it’s one of my good high school friends wedding, Dama. Overall, the wedding reception was awesome (Thanks dama for the invitation!) especially the elegant bride and groom dressed in Javanese kebaya and beschap that represent our Javanese traditional heritage. (Although I kinda regret to miss the wedding ceremony in the morning.

In addition, I was really excited then as I had a chance to meet and reunite with my high school friends. The friends who have been close with me ever since, in both science class and social class (my classmates). Since there were only a few friends invited, I was still happy to laugh and share stories with them. Let me introduce you to some of my high school beloved mates,

I was on the left, and Joshua is in the middle, my classmates in grade 12, he went to Parahyangan University, Bandung, and the top right is Ponco, my classmates in grade 11 who has remained in Singapore. We used to share lots of jokes a lot, many stories to share, especially with Joshua as we used to be at the same class.

Sony, Ponco, Joshua and Puput. Puput is the most spontaneous girl I’ve ever known. Her behavior somewhat funny and apologetic. As our jokes mostly ‘laugh at people’ she mostly becomes the victim of all stupidity though she’s always cool about it and responded anything which makes us laugh. Puput and Ponco are mocking match, which means they always mock each other without taking it seriously.

Posing with the boys. Ponco, Dika, Dystra, Joshua, and Sony. As the evening gets old, many friends began to appear. I was surprised to find Dika and Dystra at the party. The guys whom I haven’t seen in 3 years long. Dystra was also my classmate in Grade 12 who always chill and cool in everything, his babbling sometimes deep and funny too.

The other friends who came that night. I tried to share this pictures to everyone who might want to see us. Cheeseee! 🙂

Photo shoot session with the newlyweds. Congrats Dama and Zio! May happiness and love longevity always be with you

Once the wedding reception over, we still got ahead to gather somewhere else with some friends. We really thanked god that we stayed somewhere as there was a riot near our home that paralyzed all the access to home. I was stranded until 12 am with the others who also live in the suburb.

With Renate, the upcoming doctor 😉

Haha I was taking their picture but I didn’t want to miss out, so I pulled my shoe up in the picture.. hehe..

Overall, I am always anticipating for a moment like this, catching up with old friends always reminds you how silly we were in our adolescence, the jokes are still funny despite repetitions.

Have a great sunday guys.


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