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FPI attacks the Christian Protestant Church, Sunday.

Hey guys, I thought this Sunday would be a peaceful and fine day to all Christians to celebrate their Sunday Mass. However, seems not since there was a shocking news heard from Bekasi area where the Islam Defender Front had been attacking the HKBP Christian – Protestant church in Pondok Indah Timur, Mustika Jaya, Bekasi.

I was in the middle of lunch with my mom and dad’s friends today, and seems like twitter had responded quick through its Re-tweet service when published the online article about the incident, surprisingly it was just in minutes and my friends have been chirping, tweeting about their comments. Truthfully speaking, I had no idea that the FPI could have dared enough forcing through the police barricade and hijacked the church therefore the worshipers couldn’t start the mass.

The worshipers finally decided to go home, and dismissed from the church. But the FPI was getting wilder than anyone could imagine, not that they would stop the attack, however they kept on going by chasing the churchgoers and hitting them subsequently. “When we decided to go home, the FPI masses hunted down and hit us. The situation was in chaos…. I saw by myself a housewife was being beaten up by them,” said Henrik one of the eye witnesses. As quoted from The Jakarta Post, most of the victims were mostly housewives.

The police barricade actually had helped to secure the area, though the FPI mass gets more out of control until they turned out couldn’t stop the crowd entering the church area.

Nevertheless, despite the police attempts to secure the area, in my opinion it is still cliche, to know that the Police couldn’t really do anything to prevent the attack. Some of the churchgoers thought there’s a scenario constituent between FPI and Police relating to this incident.

The FPI masses have opposed the existence of HKBP church at Pondok Indah Timur for a long time. FPI earlier forcefully stopped a church service and drove away the church goers on ground that the church was established without any permit.

My comment on this. Actually Indonesia is defined in so many ethnics, cultures, languages, and faiths. The large diversity that may be found in Indonesia is actually the greatest assets of the country that the people are supposed to be ‘accepting’ each other and not the threat. While dealing with so many differences, especially in religion, we should realise that every religion or every faith you belong to going to one direction – to God Almighty. There was not any distinguished among religions. No religion stands out to be fully right, nor fully wrong. We are aiming to one purpose, only we have different ways to show, and different thoughts.

If Indonesia has committed towards the presence of 5 religions, why is there still any opponents  towards the minority? That simple question is always remaining in my head. Whereabouts  will this country be brought? Seems like nobody has the idea as we’re thinking this country is drowning and losing its future just by all these shit happens.


2 thoughts on “FPI attacks the Christian Protestant Church, Sunday.

  1. NLY39739 says:

    what a barbaric horendous act of morons abusing religion as their main argument. why don’t they just go home and plough the fuckin rice field, at least that way Indonesia does not have to import rice from foreign countries.

  2. kleod says:

    Agree. FPI is the most hated organisation in Indonesia. They have gone too far and malfunctioned by the religion. I believe religion is something that we believe in, no matter what religion, we are still aiming to one god and it gotta be peaceful.

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