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To live is to learn

Yellow! how y’all doing? I think it’s been a year I’m off from wordpress. My life has been fairly good, and Oh yeah I’m the new king in the house now. My parents are experiencing somewhat exchanging missing one of their children in a row. It’s like not longer after 3 months since my for good returning to Jakarta and my brother now has left the town to obtain his flying license at Bali International Flying Academy (BIFA). The flying school will take place for 13 months or so, and he’d be joining Garuda afterwards. Therefore, home is under my rule now after mom and dad. Dad’s busy flying, Mom’s busy with her career and social life, I’m busy but not as busy as them.

My flamboyant brother who was suddenly pulling back decision over my parent’s offers years ago to become a pilot, after working in Graphic Design industry for some time, could be a strike over my throat. The thing is, everything happened so sudden and beyond our prediction. It’s a tough one for me to accept that my parents allowed him the way, and I was the one who had planned to go to flight school earlier, had to postpone (or maybe not), until my brother returns.

The next generation pilot in my family

Oh there was too much drama to reveal how disappointed i was to face the reality, and shedding tears used to be my job every night before sleep. My thoughts had gone really far, which had made my parents (including my brother) get annoyed, upset, and angry while I kept blaming my parents who seemed to always prioritize one of their children. However, enough said, life is a learning about struggle for our dreams. That’s all I will remember for the rest of my life.

Prior departure to Bali, My brother with Mom and Dad

I found a job 2 months ago, in June 2010, where there’s one global PR agency operating in Jakarta they called me, and told me that I could’ve started my job within the third week of June. I almost strike the offer from my list but my sidekick said you should dare enough to take challenge if you want to be something, which means (in my situation) if you want last to fly, you can try it next time when they have another enrollment, but so long you’re waiting for it, you should feed yourself with new adventure. Public Relations is my major in University, and I felt grateful that I could get a job in this industry which matched with my bachelor. Speaking of which I like it or not being in this industry, I won’t ever think of it again. I should learn how to adjust myself with the reality, may God directs me through this career, or may God clears my pilot dreams for later, I just can’t say a word. Life is a mystery.

My job somehow results me with many experiences. I’d confirm that working is a positivity. Despite the unstable lunch time, and too much overtime, I’ve always tried to enjoy. Thank god to the supporting environment created by my co-workers which could provide comfort, happiness and excitement. We work in a team, and my new team now, is absolutely different than what I’d found on my previous Internship experience. I like everybody there, the boss, the colleagues, the stupidity, the friendliness, and professionalism brings me lots of new stories on my twitter. ;)(Please pardon me that I don’t accept my office friends on my twitter amidst the privacy and as you know what happens on twitter goes everywhere hehe).

In addition, by working and looking for some activities it could divert my sadness, and your weary for some time. I’ve started to forget my disappointment, my hatred towards reality. If only I were given options, I may not want to be there compared to my dream, but once again life is a mystery and we just can’t set everything by our hands.

Cheers guys,

Have a great weekend everyone! 😉


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