The Memory of Hong Kong

Since the insomnia attacking me tonight I’d rather to post another blog of my travel experience. This time, is about Hong Kong city.

Hong Kong has been very well known by its heaven to all shoppers. This report was made last year when I had a chance to visit the central hub of Asia.

My dad took me by surprise when he knocked on my door asking my plan on the following day. He was due to depart to Hong Kong for his Boeing 737-800 NG license renewal for 5 days in Cathay City. Whilst I said nothing and hadn’t reserved yet, he was like “okay you should come to Hong Kong tomorow, get the ticket today.” I was still not fully awake, and I just said “what?”. Then my father left to airport, and still I was thinking that I was in the middle of a dream. But my mom confirmed and she said “okay we’re going to Garuda this morning, and issued your ticket,” The trip was too sudden, and I wasn’t prepared.

The next morning, all I remembered was the bad weather, raining, and my plane was scheduled early. My mom accompanied me to the airport, she had to leave to visit his sick father (my grandfather) in Solo. I literally traveled alone to Hong Kong, and there I met my Dad. Apparently, Hong Kong’s weather in winter could be so painful, especially when you didn’t prepare. I was thinking the weather might be approximately above 20 degrees, though in fact was dropping like 10 degrees when I touched in late afternoon.

My dad picked me up from the airport, and he said to me, he didn’t have enough time as he would be having late evening class with the instructor, and he gave me some money so I could buy dinner myself, or If i would take a short city tour myself. ‘Everything would be with myself until the next 5 days’, that’s what I could process from his statement. Oh sure, it would be a new adventure, I was left alone in a non English spoken country while I had to deal with Chinese, I was completely clueless on what I should be doing there alone.

I discovered the city once I got there. I had ‘me’ time in Tsim Tsa Chui, Kowloon, and meeting new friends in Hong Kong starting on the second day. They are lonesome travelers too except the two from Manila, they are the newlyweds on honeymoon. I met a tourist from New York, Tokyo, and a couple Manila whom I lastly made friends with them. What a coincidence we were all on the same period of stay.

I started to fall in love to this city when I realised there are lots of things to offer in Hong Kong. Just so you know, there are many Indonesian workers work here, they were promoted to work in factory or servants or even until professionals remain here. Hong Kong is a busy town with dynamic transformations. The architecture and environment is very alive, and you may see many attractions here. Hong Kong Island which filled by many landmark skyscrapers, and Kowloon the shopping district, The Peak, Mong Kok, until the Hong Kong Jockey Club, are the pleasure that you won’t miss.

To many shoppers, Hong Kong could be their favorite destinations, to photographers, Hong Kong is also the best destination for shoot hunting. I found Hong Kong is beautiful and perfect to be captured in many angles. You dress in a modern style of 2000’s Hong Kong would have it like in 2000, you dress in 60’s they could supplement the environment so the photos look old-fashioned. There are so many oldies spot in Hong Kong that would be any photographers favor in the world. Hong Kong is a small territory, the modern look of Hong Kong Island, and the 60’s style of boats and floating restaurants, represents the balance between modernity and tradition. Cantonese – Chinese have kept Hong Kong very well despite the long-time British colony, Chinese tradition still exists and had never disappeared.

Before I left this town, I was thinking to move there, (but I still can’t decide when my Chinese ability is zero) I had no doubt at all that every Indonesian Workers who came there had been thinking about the large prospects for their future. Hong Kong is a future for Asia, and I think the excitement of this city is just all rounded, bigger than the apple.


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