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Pangudi Luhur SD #23 and SMP #38 Reunion!

These are the pictures from Pangudi Luhur #23 (elementary school) and #38 (junior high school) night reunion:
Date: 21’st August 2009
Location: Kedai Halaman, Cipete. (Recommended place!)

We graduated from SD Pangudi Luhur (Elementary School) in year 2000

And we graduated from SMP Pangudi Luhur (Junior High School) in year 2003

I finally could feel relieved from a small reunion has grown into a bigger reunion. Not the biggest though, only 40 pax attended out of 250. Despite it’s still satisfying, No more changing plans, and we finally had rocked the night! We intended to mix between both classes as the attendance were majorly the same.

I lasted encouraged myself to gather all of them who always demanded for a reunion when i met each of them personally, until we’re finally setting up team to arrange one big night where we’re joining dinner with our last class mates.

5580_238000595284_605860284_8359129_8311476_nMy Close Friends from Elementary School

I actually believe that Pangudi Luhur Family will always be there forever. We just can’t bother to forget each others or saying hello when we think it’s been too long. To us, Pangudi Luhur is a family where we’ve grown together for 9 or 12 years that we feel our friends take part in our lives.


Junior High School friends





When you’re attending a reunion, what would you feel to see your old friends transformation? Some of you might be very excited, enthusiasm to listen each other’s stories or some people might feel nervous to whom gonna meet their ex junior high school crushes?

Yes the mixture between feeling and chemistry is very common in reunion.  People and everything around us might change, but the old funny shit happened during school time are unforgettable. Thanks for attending and we’ll surely stay in touch.


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