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Treat Your Dogs as Your Family

Having a pet and taking care of them will surge your ability at least to nurture something. Taking care of pets like dogs or cats will require you some patience and creativity, just like a relationship between parents and children.

6140_204508725284_605860284_7565881_7899068_nBuster and Pipi

A Story from 7 years ago….

From my experience to take care of dogs was basically aimed for to accompany my loneliness at home. I used to be a kid who was mostly left home alone with my Dad, Mom and even Brother’s business. When my dad had a lay over flight, and mom busy working at the office and brother even busy with his friends, i sometimes rarely find anyone at home except TV talking or my CD player accompanied me. But since then, i often walk myself out like to a department store and always stopped by at the Pet counter, meeting the dogs on sale which must be sold in a high price since they are fully and officially certified pets. I said, there’s the beginning, when i talked to my parents that i want to have a dog. At least to be a friend of mine. Though at the first time my parents were so mad about it. They don’t actually like to have pets around their house and it’s gonna make some dirt other than some love we can share. I pursued in many ways, i know my dad and mom don’t hate dogs they used to have a dog too long time ago. So they finally say ‘yes’ and I have a friend who wanted to give me 2 puppies.

I hadn’t seen the dogs yet before, and as i was told with their appearance it’s like they are cute dogs. My dad got into hospital for heart attack encountered and decided to be on by-pass operation. It’s a madness during that time. My dogs weren’t coming yet. He got hospitalized for like 3 weeks, and We came back and forth from hospital to home, because i just got prepared if only the dogs come every minute. My brother and I stood by at home, and one day the puppies were just coming, and we were so excited. My brother had his idea to name these 2 cute dogs. They just looked so innocent enough and still so little, they were 3 months old. My brother finally named them Buster and Pipi. 🙂 it’s so unique and i think they like their names.

6140_204508720284_605860284_7565880_3184725_nMy Prince Charming, Buster

They looked so cute at the first minutes before starting pee-ing and poo-ing. We fed them with dog foods and drink them milk. I treated them just like babies. I gave them formula milk to treat their digest and getting ready before move into a dancow milk. They were growling, crying, and woofing like crazy. I was afraid they are looking for their mother. We put them into the box, they were just scratching up and eager to climb the box. My brother was only silent but he kept helping me. Apparently he just had this strange feeling over the night. He couldn’t even sleep properly within every minutes he woke up and checked them up at the garage. He fed them, he padded them, and slept them at the box. How sweet. hahaha. When my parents returned, my dad met this cute dogs. He surprisingly liked them. He just thought they were so cute and introduced them, my mom did also like them. But really, they treated them differently when they started to pee and poo inside the house. My mom was so terrified over it. She had a idea to teach this dogs to know where they should pee and poo. She heard that dogs are just like human, if you treat them and forming their habit they will be able to be trained.

We talk with these two dogs just like we do to a human. We consider them as our brother and sister, which my parents consider them as the third and forth children. *hahahahaha* so lame, but that’s how train the dogs. “Your dogs eventually will understand your mood, when they hear you talking in a soft way or rough way which means you’re happy or angry to them. Dogs even feel the jealousy, it’s been proven by some researchers that if you have more than 2 dogs, and you only show one attention to one other, the rest will feel so jealous” We could be so loving and cute to them whenever they don’t make any strange noise or abruptly peeing and pooing inside the house. But now, my dogs are smart enough, they know where to pee and poo, if they are trapped can’t go outside while the door are locked, they will scratch them, and woofing to make us open the door. That’s just so cute.

My dogs now are seven years old. going to eight. I don’t know where they will be ended. I hope they will live forever. My dogs are just like a human, sometimes we reflect it over dogs. Buster the male dog, sometimes are very demanding, especially if he’s wanting his walking out time. He sleeps like a dog, but he dreams, he even cries if he had a strange dream. Pipi, the female dog, she’s like the most fierce dog, very sensitive, and a tomboy. hahaha i can say she is because she never gets want to copulate with Buster. She’s just doing like a male. She growls when she is disturbed, and she wants everything done in her way.

That’s the story of my dogs, they are so cute as in 7 years old dogs. 🙂


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