This entry had been posted earlier on my Facebook Notes. 1’st August 2009

Are you one of those people who move a lot from places to places? Let me give you some inputs!

I’m re-posting this note because i feel so stressed during the moving day and also feel like a stranger in this house. We moved for a while until next year when my house is completely renovated. I kinda felt shame that we really had to move out. But we just must do that, knowing this is a huge renovation. I’m telling you, moving out and moving into a new house is the worst thing you would ever done! Before you’re thinking of moving out, here are things that you must reconsider:

1. Make an inventory list to whatever stuff you’ll pack and you’ve packed.
This is very important not to make you’re lost over your stuff once you’re moving in.

2. Fill in the box with items that are in the same category, and dont forget to label the box.
The box is made to carry everything more easily. And you mustn’t mix the stuff in the box.

3. You must separate between items which are not longer in used, and the ones that you’ll use frequently. For example: Do not mix your drugs, if you are sick in the box, or do not put your underwears and everyday shirts inside the suitcase full of occasion shirts.

4. Once you are ready with the box, you should start moving the boxes into your new house at least 4 weeks before. Dont move the boxes instantly only in one day if you don’t want to be stressed out seeing your room full of boxes layers.

5. If you move on temporal causes, such as house renovation you must separate between items that wont be used for a long time and would be used for your everyday activity, and store them until you return.
This will make your next move be much easier than the previous one.

Once your packing done, here it is how to make you feel comfortable at your temporary place:

6. Before you are deciding to choose your next place, you should observe the place. You will be in a different environment, and its very strange.

7. Hide your boxes and suitcases from your living room and guest rooms. It will minus your comfort and making the dust.

8. Don’t put your suitcase and pack your bedroom with them. Better to store them under your bed or above your cupboard in order to make your room feels more spacey.

9. Clean and wash the floors and left over furniture twice a day at the first two weeks before you move in. Especially when you rent a old house that has been abandoned for a long time. There must be massive dusts!

Okay, thats all the tips i can share. I don’t really get fit in too well and quick. In particular to get out from a place that has witnessed you grow for 21 years. But, im looking forward to see her change next year.


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