Internship Experience

Hello, Summer holidays, it’s gonna be different this year. As following my uni regulations that I should at least take 3 weeks of Internship experiences before proceeding to final thesis.

I’m writing this blog right in the end of my Internship day, but hey, they are asking me to extend until Friday, and i nodded as agree. To jump off right at the stories of my internship, let’s take some attentions to the pilot stories.


If you really know me better how desperate in becoming a pilot. Born from Air Crew family has enforced me automatically to become something like them. When i was in high school, i had a plan to become a pilot, and had gotten ready with everything which might’ve been needed such as wearing braces, got on diet to reduce the excessive fats, and became taller. There were more problems to come, the challenge when i realised i’d failed to get into science class and i started to divert my dreams to be a flight attendant.

My dad completely disagreed on my decision to become a flight attendant. He denied talking to me when I asked his permission to apply for a steward position in some international carriers. He said i should have gone to university and obtained my bachelor degree. I followed his dream, even actually my heart can’t synchronized with what i was taking at a time. But i tried to enjoy it, I strive in my grades, and i achieved it very well. I decided to move at a smaller town which is famously called as a Education City in Indonesia with a reconsideration that will let me fly on the airplane a lot during my journey back and forth to my home town. (It sounds silly i know, but it takes me so many great opportunities to fly in Business Class and meeting with so many crew members)

I always have a big passion in aviation, everybody knows it. I think my life is just like a cycle that never gets far away from Aviation. My grandpa is a retired pilot, my Dad who is his son in law is also a pilot, and I have 2 Aunties who are working as a flight attendant. It’s not also influencing my relatives, but it has influenced my interest in knowing them one by one. Frankly speaking, when i’m flying on the airplane, i rarely sit on couch, I’d rather speak to the Aircrews and make friends with them. No wonder that I know a lot of my Dad’s friends and some of his relatives without him realizing and now is in a comparison with my Mom. 🙂 There’s one of personnel who told me that I sounded like a employee who has worked there for a long time. I take it as a compliment.

Internship Experience

Once I’ve signed in to choose my internship companies, I picked Airlines on my top list. Because i know where I’m competence at. I picked the same Airlines company as where my Dad works. But, i definitely struggled very hard before getting into this interns position. So there’s no actually any connection between my job now and my Dad’s position. Yet, in this company, there’s no more history of trusting your family members and assure them to fill into some positions. You may be accepted if your specifications are fulfilled the standards.

My Internship deal is actually set up in 1 month condition. I was a bit surprised though, because in my applications i requested 3 months. But it’s not a big deal subsequently, considering it’s only an internship and i should try it at the first hand. My first day ran very smoothly. I was only a bit in shock with new environment that is different than the usual experience i get. In Airlines especially to a large one, they are differed into so many divisions that can’t let you know them one by one. As my family are mostly work at the Operation Division, the people i met must be different than the group i met in Management. I didn’t really know any one of them personally, and to me it’s such a great experience. As a new kid on the block, it takes a greater effort to adjust yourself with one of personnel. But thank god i can manage to know those people and interact with them. Actually in this company, we work as in Family. We treat each other in the friendliest way and so that creating a great working environment, especially to whom have known this company very well, and has been a part of the big family for a long time.

They knew that my Dad is a pilot, and i told them not in order to boast my family or whatever, but it’s more to be a information i rather share in case they need some helps or information about Piloting stuff i can help. They even welcome me more, and as far the time goes by, I feel more connected because I know everything about the company plus the rumors and working habits. Sometimes, it’s very good to laugh with them. I can manage myself in many conversation topics, or share some Airplane Jokes to them. It fascinates all of us literally.


It’s very interesting one full month of internship. I can observe how the management works to enhance this Airlines and put the employees together. One real aspect that i can share with myself and the others might mix in together. Not to mention the positive aspects I learn, despite the negative aspects I’ve learned are very useful to myself.

The real honest thing since my first two days were I feel basically a bit jealous of seeing Pilots with their uniforms were walking in front of me. I felt like to be like them instead of working at the office management, and it surely brought into my dreams actually, but my mom said, I should have been able to overcome my current over fight feeling that i can’t help enough to hold my desires for a bit. I think it would affect my performance during internship and will sound like I don’t respect them. During my first week of Internship, my supervisor ordered me to join the Launching events of Resumed destinations. They often to make some ceremonials about some events, and I must be there to observe and watch their working circulations.

For so many times i get opportunities to visit Maintenance Facility where I can be close enough with Airplanes. It has completely rocketed my satisfaction. One of the best experience i got  is when I know (not thoroughly) planes partial body and luckily I’ve learned that much so I was able to answer many questions. Another great opportunity is when i helped to escort the Company’s guest from Sydney, Australia and One of the famous public figure. I joined in the meeting as an *observer, and joined him to the Maintenance Facility plus Catering Service Kitchen. If you want to ask me how many times i have visited this restricted area, I could say it’s just been for too many times. hehe

This is one of my best shot inside the engine

This is one of my best shot inside the engine

*Observer: I don’t know how to tell this properly, but in terms of Pilot language, Observer is a person who observe things without having to comment about anything but you may ask a question.

Overall, my internship progress has been very interesting and satisfying indeed. Something that i never expected just came in front of my eyes. My Internship date got very exactly match with many big events of this company such as new launching and other activities . So i was able to participate and involve more than the other internees (probably) I enlisted my activity since last month and surprisingly i can list 13 activities! With this internship I can meet many friends and people who might never been thought before, and I also can gain contacts. As a matter of fact, when I read the other two internship reports I can compare how lucky i am to get more numbers of activities than them. So i really thanked to many internal sides to involve me in their activities.


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