Scent of A Woman.


This time, i want to recommend all the readers one biggest piece from Al Pacino that i watched last night. I was in search of good movies on Trans TV, they were playing “Scent of A Woman” at 1 pm. Though it’s been very late, but it’s a very worth seeing! I’d even got over my sleepiness, and kept watching til it’s finished. This is a long movie, 2 hours and 15 mins duration. Inspiring, and touching. I lasted crying for 2 days during the movie and after, even til now while im typing for the story. Just so you know, I’m not really someone who cries during a movie watch.

This movie is actually made in 1992. As we know, Al Pacino was still a raising star that time (probably still this time), with his great performance and handsomeness too. I think he was in his middle or even last 50’s during the shoot. Christian O’Donnel was also still young he played as a young-smart student of Baird named Charlie who had sacrificed anything to get him to go there by winning a full-time scholarship, and he took a weekend job by taking care of Frank (Al Pacino) while Karen, his niece was going on vacation with her family. While he was working with Frank, he was being in a worry about something had happened would get him expelled from Baird. He was the key of witness towards what his schoolmates had done to vandalize the School Head Master. On his first day job, Frank took him to New York directly for several days trip, with all expenses on his budget. This trip was planned to be his fanciest trip and last thing he would do before his death.

Frank was a medically retired Army Officer for his blindness with his last title as a L.Colonel. On the other hand, his blindness wasn’t weakening his spirit. He was still the same with his irascibility, arrogant, strong and powerful. Only one can let him down, A Woman. The character of Frank was totally brilliant. In this movie, Frank has a strong sense towards everything. In his hearing, his touching, and his smelling. For instance, he could sense a woman that was standing few meters and describing what she looks like and what cologne she wore through her body smell even he can’t see her physically. Frank is also a good tango dancer, even he’s blind, he still can take woman for tango dancing. Yet Charlie’s character which is calm, and talkless to people can make a good combination and mingle with Frank. In spite of, Charlie who didnt like Frank at their first time met, would’ve liked him as they were finally making good friends to each other. Charlie was also the one who encouraged him when he wanted to commit suicide on his last day in New York. He thought his life is useless, and he’s living in a darkness, though Charlie was the one who ensured everything was okay with him if only he wanted to change everything in him.
This movie is trully inspiring, the first movie that could turn on my emotion and the point from this movie review is that people actually can ‘change’. People must have this inborn personality which has been shaped for a long time during their life times. If that personality affects negatively, usually it’s hard to change, but there must be something that can make them take aback to their new conscience and living differently.


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