Ladies Train

Subways in Japan are actually the best and the cleanest in the world. The condition of its train is well maintained, and clean despite the crowd passengers during peak hours or office hours. The transportation system in Tokyo, Osaka or in any other major cities in Japan should be outlook by the Indonesian Government. Agree?  I wonder why trains system in Jakarta, can’t be as easy and comfy, eventhough the Government had imported many new trains from Korea and Japan, the cleanliness may still gone in just months. How sad to admit it.

Most of Japanese don’t use cars. It’s very expensive especially the taxation and maintenance price. Plus if you drive car in Japan, the parking far for its each hours seems not reasonable to pay, except you earn good money. Besides, Renting a car or even hopping on a cab/ taxi, could cost more money (God even hails the living cost in Japan – pardon me it’s only the metaphor). However, travelers can pick bicycle or motor bike as the alternatives if you are willing to use some energy, or on top of that, I think subway and train is the best alternative for your transportation.

During the office hours and peak hours, the trains will mostly fully packed by many passengers, especially the home bound workers. So I may suggest for the travelers to avoid the subway or trains during these hours.

This situation becomes a reason in which most of the women often complaining about Men’s behaviour while the train is packed. They often get some intended sexual harassment by using their benefits to do the ‘grab and touch’. See, this situation is not only happening in Jakarta’s Busway, but in Japan, the similar situation occurred.

In order the overcome the problem, the Osaka Government served the dedicated train only for women, please neglect the terms of discrimination, however, I can say the Government really concerns to the mostly-heard-complaint from the women travelers. This train only operates during 17 hours til 21 hours which those times are when most people come home from work.


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